Unknown shoeplay scene

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Unknown shoeplay scene

Post by Adbro28 »

So around 2002 an 2003. I was watching Street fighter on channel 5. During commercial there was a film trailer that was gonna be on channel 5 soon. Dont know the name of the movie. It starred a blonde woman. Came out in late 90s I think. In the short trailer she was arguing with a man. She said 'How can you say that'? Then it showed a woman's leg doing shoeplay while sat down and someone walking into office at same time. Then it said the name of the film. Can anyone find the movie name and the trailer please?

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Re: Unknown shoeplay scene

Post by rubyred »

Sounds like Kelly Lynch in Desperate Hours.
She does have a great shoe dangling scene!
I was trying to find the clip for you, but you should be able to find the movie somewhere. I did find one picture that shows a little of the dangling.
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Re: Unknown shoeplay scene

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I've never seen any of the scenes described, but they both sound GREAT!
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