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Wedding Videos and FLATS!!!

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Mr. Mike
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Wedding Videos and FLATS!!!

Post by Mr. Mike » Sun Feb 22, 2015 7:57 am

I am so pissed off at the under 35 generation. I scan a lot of wedding videos (both US and Eastern European)...God Damit...can these &^%$%%^ women just go 3 or 4 hours in heels without changing to stupid flats.

I was at a friends daughters wedding just a few weeks ago; holy crap was I excited at the ceremony...so many girls in heels, I was looking forward to a great evening. I swear and this is no joke, 80% of the women under 40, within 1/2 hour of the reception had changed into flats....HELL, all the bridesmaids had gone to flip flops...WTF?

BS...can you handle just a few hours in heels? This never happened 10-15 years ago...you just dealt with it. This whole "flats and flip flop revolution" can just suck it~

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Post by Godiva » Sun Feb 22, 2015 8:57 am

This happens at just about every wedding I go to as well. It drives me crazy, but what can you do?

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Post by paradigm88 » Sun Feb 22, 2015 4:06 pm

Member of the under-35 generation checking in.

I went to five weddings last year (invited to 7, but three were on the same day across the country...had to choose). Let's recap the five...

(1) Outdoor wedding at a rented house. Everyone wore flats or sandals. No real dancing to speak of...but caught a tiny bit of dipping.
(2) Church ceremony and outdoor reception. Crowd skewed a bit older, and everyone wore flats or sandals. No dancing at all.
(3) Catholic church ceremony and indoor reception. Younger crowd, lots of heels. The bride left a basket of flip-flops by the dance floor for people to borrow. Others chose to go barefoot (one friend had ditched her heels when she got to the reception and ran around barefoot all night). My fiancee sent me back to the hotel room to trade her heeled sandals for flat sandals for dancing.
(4) Indoor ceremony and reception. Most of the women wore heels. Saw one of my friends ditch her heels and head to the dance floor stocking-footed.
(5) Indoor ceremony and reception. Lots of heels, many switched out for flats or flip-flops.

Years ago, my fiancee and I attended a wedding for one of her friends. The bride showed us after the ceremony that, instead of shoes, she'd opted for red Isotoner slippers, so her feet wouldn't hurt from all the standing around. No one could see if she had shoes, heels or slippers anyway. Another couple we knew swapped their shoes during the reception for his-and-hers Converse sneakers, hers blue and decorated with ribbons and glitter, his simple black shoes. At one or two weddings, I vaguely recall the bride issuing flip-flops to all her bridesmaids as a gift.

I think on a whole, weddings aren't as formal as an affair as I think they once were. That was a case with a couple of the weddings we were invited to; everyone dressed nicely, but a barbecue on the lawn with an evening firepit isn't quite the same as a formal five-course meal and dancing. But even with the formal traditional weddings, I think younger women have less of a connection between "formal" and "heels" than the last generation did. My fiancee rarely wears heels, so sticking to something flat was expected for her. My good friend's wife rarely ventures past a one-inch wedge because she's already tall and doesn't want the extra height. Another friend is a dancer, and has bad ankles, so she usually opts for flats. Wearing tall heels just isn't a huge priority for the sake of formality.

I was more disappointed in the lack of hosiery at the weddings. The first two outdoor weddings were fine, but I'd hoped my fiancee would indulge at the third wedding. Instead, she went bare-legged. Repeat for the fourth (October) and fifth (November). Most other guests did the same. At the fourth, the only hose I remember are the one guest who paired white hose with her sandals (I love that), one who wore dark tights with heels, and my other friend who wore dark tights with low heels and went to the dance floor sans shoes. The latter was the one that surprised me most; she's not a particularly girly girl, so to see her opt for comfort over just wearing her heels really surprised me. It was one of those rare vulnerable moments.

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