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How do the people here feel about girls in Ugg boots?

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How do the people here feel about girls in Ugg boots?

Post by bob69joe » Thu Dec 26, 2019 8:58 pm

I don't have the biggest foot fetish but one thing that always gets me off is when girls go without socks in Ugg boots. There is just something about a girl just not caring if her fur lined boots get smelly and wears them without socks because she loves how the soft fur feels on her feet. I love when I can feel a girls foot after she take her Uggs off and its a little damp and If I can smell the inside of the boot and smell that amazing smell. I was able to give so many girls foot rubs in high school by telling them things I lost a bet to my friends or to joke to the girl about rubbing her feet and playing it off in a way that she try to call my bluff and I end up rubbing her feet. I would always target the girls with Uggs on and hope they were not wearing socks. I had one time where I told a girl that was with two other friends That I lost a bet and convinced me to let me rub her feet. Well the friends thought it was funny and told me to rub her feet. I played it off like I didn't want to but she jsut thought it was funny and got more pushy. until she pulled of her boots and put her bare feet on my lap so of coruse I rubbed them. Then the other girl did the same all three were wearing their Uggs without socks.

I had one girl that was wearing socks. So I jokingly didn't let her have the socks back when I was done and said if she want them she has to catch me. So I backed up waving them at her and so she put her Uggs on without socks and chased after me. I ran into the boys bath room and got them a little wet in the sink then I went out and told her they fell in the toilet. She was super mad so I told her I was just joking and it was just sink water and that I would give her another foot rub at the end of the day to make it up to her. At the end of the day she found me and made me give her a foot rub and her feet out of the boots were so sweaty. I asked if her feet were comfy enough and she said the Uggs kept them comfy. If have more stories of but the best I have is years ago in college. I wanted to finally buy a pair for myself to wear inside the house. So I went to a Ugg store but they only had women sizes they look the same so I decided to try some on and a girl my age asked me if I need help and looked at me weird when she say I was trying them on I told her that me and my GF had the same foot size so I was seeing if they would fit her with my feet and sending her pictures so she can she how they look.

She completely bought it and helped me try on every single style they had and I was not wearing socks the whole time because I said that is how she wears them. The girl was also helping another girl sitting across from me It was her first pair she said and she was trying them on with socks but I told her that most girls where their Uggs without and she tried it with her next pair and she said OMG they feel so good like this.The thanked me and tried on bunch of other pairs without socks. When she picked a pair to buy she thanked me and told me she was never going to wear socks with them. The girl helping me was wearing Uggs so I asked if she was wearing socks with them and she was not.

Mr. Mike
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Re: How do the people here feel about girls in Ugg boots?

Post by Mr. Mike » Thu Dec 26, 2019 11:43 pm


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Re: How do the people here feel about girls in Ugg boots?

Post by tobydole » Fri Dec 27, 2019 2:10 am

Oh I love a girl in Uggs (and faux Uggs). Helps that I’m into socks and shoes too along with feet. For all the reasons you’ve stated but also because, even though it’s rare, they can and do play with them. I’ve seen it before. In hs I recall a girl sliding both of them off at her desk, letting them fall sideways on the floor and push them around for awhile. I also recall another girl slipping them on and off at her desk. It happens, it’s just rare.

I’ve more often seen girls do “heel pops” with them when standing, where you can clearly see them use one foot to hold the back bit of the other foot’s boot down and slip that foot up and down in the shoe.

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Re: How do the people here feel about girls in Ugg boots?

Post by hci100491 » Fri Dec 27, 2019 10:14 pm

I don't !

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Re: How do the people here feel about girls in Ugg boots?

Post by Feetwonder » Sat Feb 22, 2020 12:11 pm

I hate uggs!
They make the feet look big, like a bear paw.
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