Office Stories from 60's 70's and 80's

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Office Stories from 60's 70's and 80's

Post by Tomi »

Hi guys, anybody of you has been working in an office back in good old days? Do you have any story about ladies getting rid of their high heels, padding around nylon footed, or shoeplaying regularly?

I had here and there some good sightings around mid 90's when I was working at a forwarding company. There was a sales representative lady who was in her mid 30's and has perfect legs. She was wearing 10 months of 12 nylons. Unfortunately she was 90% on business trips, so she spent not much in in the office. However I have seen few times her sexy nylon feet! :o :o One day we have had a company meeting at the end of the day where all the staff needed to attend. I sat down at a table, and only one chair left empty in the meeting room. Our sales lady just arrived from a trip and came directly in the room. She sat down beside me, as luckily that was the only free chair. She was wearing costume with skirt and grey nylons. She immediately took off both high heels as she sat down! :o :o :o I almost exploded seeing her beautiful nylon feet in a grey reinforced toe nylons! She spent the whole meeting nylon footed in various poses. Sometimes with crossed legs, sometimes stretched out both legs under the table, or crossed her feet under the chair. The meeting lasted some 1,5 hours, and this was a delightful experience which I will remember forever!

At anther occasion I saw her in the office kneeing on her chair with both high heels off and her nyloned soles were exposed towards the door. I was kind of getting involved in some chat with the colleagues there, just to admire her nyloned soles for 2-3 minutes. She was wearing again grey reinforced toe nylons, which by the way I love very much! :love: :love: :love:

Let's share some good stories guys, if you have some.

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Re: Office Stories from 60's 70's and 80's

Post by Feeture Feature »

I had a lot of great experiences in various libraries with women staff members. I worked 13 years in one department with a woman who loved dangling and taking off her shoes entirely. She mostly wore hose. I had to supervise her in one task and we would sit side by side at a computer for a couple of hours at a time and she was always dangling or removing her shoes. I would review work by the students she supervised and once when I gave her back some work that had not been done properly, she was barefoot in her cubicle and it was near the end of the day. She said, "Are you really going to make me put on my shoes and go make a copy of the correct information?" I must have looked stunned because I stammered that I would do it and she said she was just joking. In another library a young department head was into sexy shoes. I heard her tell her assistant that she had bought a new pair of shoes that were real sexy. She always wore heels and hose. Twice I experienced her feet when she dangled shoes. Once I was in a meeting with her in my department head's office (just the 3 of us) and she crossed her leg and her dangling shoe was against my leg. Another time she came and sat on the edge of my desk while I was sitting there and she rubbed my leg with her foot until someone came and disturbed us.
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