Who influenced your Fetish??

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Who influenced your Fetish??

Post by fooj666 » Tue Apr 07, 2020 9:40 pm

Hey everyone,

I thought I start up a discussion that might have been discussed here on on another forum but so what. Majority of us are in our house either working from home or just simply bored...others are out and about trying to stay safe. So I thought this would at least pass sometime.

Who influenced your Fetish???

I could say it was my teachers throughout the years, or my babysitter, but for me, it was my Aunt.
She would always walk around barefoot, was a constant shoe player especially in her well worn brown and red flats (which was mesmerizing :o :o ), her favorite color nail polish was red, she was always open to my obsession as she thought it was very cute and funny. My Aunt’s feet had a beautiful aroma, they were always soft to the touch and extremely ticklish.

What is yours, please share.

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Re: Who influenced your Fetish??

Post by Footsiefan » Wed Apr 29, 2020 8:32 pm

My footsie fetish started years ago when I watch a tv series(maybe Skins?..), well in a scene the woman was talking with his boyfriend in a cafè with others boys and girls...at some point the woman played with her boyfriend, uses her feet to make him uncomfortable. I love how in power she wa, smiling and how weak he was.. he cannot do anything just endure the pleasure.
From that moment I associate Footjob to domination.
That is the source for me.

Lily Hoorn
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Re: Who influenced your Fetish??

Post by Lily Hoorn » Fri Jun 12, 2020 3:24 pm

I would say that my fetish was probably influenced most by my classmates. I got into it when I was at school, I used to tie my shoes really loosely and play with them all the time until a boy would mess with me by stealing it, I would then act like I hated it (I actually loved it) so that they would continue teasing me by stealing my shoes

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Re: Who influenced your Fetish??

Post by boxnclox » Fri Jun 12, 2020 5:39 pm

Annie Potts in “Who’s Harry Crumb?” I remember watching it as a kid, and the dinner scene came on. That changed everything for me. Not only was she (and still is, in my opinion) gorgeous, but her mannerisms, like shifting in her seat, her black stockings and her entire footsie motion. Incredible.

Mr. Mike
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Re: Who influenced your Fetish??

Post by Mr. Mike » Fri Jun 12, 2020 5:57 pm

Not sure about who “influenced my fetish”, because there is some debate that some are “born with it”. I do know that when I was in 1st grade my sitter who watched me after school, would sit on the couch watching Soap Operas and I would sometimes bump or touch her feet on purpose and a lot of times she would ask me to massage her feet. I also remember in 1st and 2nd grade getting “excited” when my teachers would dip...although at the time I had no idea why

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Re: Who influenced your Fetish??

Post by da_terminator » Sat Jun 27, 2020 1:27 am

it's always interesting to consider this topic cause as the above poster alluded to some things just seem ingrained in you from the beginning. In a nutshell, I remember being of pre-school age and my mother would sometimes just relax in her work outfit after coming home and have her nylon feet exposed. And as I'd be close by her the smell would attract my attention for whatever reason. Then I remember a grade school teacher of mine dipping and exposing her foot as she stood in front of my desk. And she had nice looking feet. Lastly, the first footsie scene I remember seeing as a kid was from Once Bitten. Obviously not the best scene compared to others but it showed me how feet can be "used" ;)

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Re: Who influenced your Fetish??

Post by bull_red » Thu Jul 09, 2020 5:59 pm

The fact i have been discussing this topic with a doctor some time ago provides me with the opportunity to share my point, even though i found very interesting and inviting to read your experiences, thanks for that.

I don't remember exactly the times and the places, since i have got, at least in my opinion a kind of photographic memory i tend to remember more what i saw. One of the images that triggers more my fantasy and memories today, especially when i see kind of sheer blu pantyhose, is when i was in school, i must have been 9 or 10, during class there was a girl sitting 2 rows in front of me, her name was Barbara and she was from Italy, back then we joked about her look, she looked like she was from Marrocco, her hair and skin was rather dark, but then i didn't know much about Italy apart stories from my father, nowadays i live in Italy and i could consider now she was from the South, regions as Calabria of Sicily where girls with natural tanned skin and black eyes and hair are rather common in style and fashion there. Anyway i remember spotting Barbara one morning under her desk in front of the pupil sitting in front of me, my view was partially blocked but she was stretching one shoeless foot over the back of the heel of the other and the latter was balancing on the back of one of her flat shoes, i coudln't see the discarded shoe, i was hypnotized by her blu stockings, i could see the sole of the balancing foot and i remember vividly that heel, the round shape that stretched the nylon material at the point of becoming almost grey-white-light blu shade, this image was my fantasy for many years, today when i see a girl wearing a similar outfit i must confess it brings back those memories, unfortunately for all the 7 years of school i had classes with Barbara plus also extra-school activities i never witnessed such a show anymore.

Second experience again with a classmate, a girl i don't remember the name now that i write but i did some years ago when i met her again, i remember she was kind of chubby, noisy and not so friendly especially with guys, she wore eyeglass and was always yelling at the others in order to get attention or boisterously cheering up everyone, she wasn't even a good student and i remember she had a bunch of school problems even at that young age. About this fact again i canno't relate exact times and progression of the facts, the first that comes to my mind is one afternoon after school, probably during spring season we were on the grass, a little garden probably on the side of her parents house, i assumed we were playing family and i remember i was laying on the ground face downward with my belly over the fresh grass, in first place she tried to walk on my back going from my shoulders toward my bottom more than once at the point i had problems breathing and i really felt like being crushed, after that she forced me to open my legs and here it wasn't so clear what went on on, i have been discussing this with a doctor since it was something that always gave me some problems, to tell the truth about my sexuality also, somehow she bent on my back and was trying to stick something on my butthole, i realize it must sound crazy or even hilarious, for many years i convinced myself she was trying to push her heel inside, later years discussing it with a specialist we concluded that she was just trying to replay some kind of scene she must have seen in her family or in tv, it is very uncommon even for a bratty girl of age 8-11 to do such a messy play so it could have been an elbow or much more probably her knee, anyway i felt waves of electric coming from my underbelly feeling a round little shape pushing and rubbing around there.
Same school same girl, i remember she had the habit to take off shoes in class, more than actually witness that behaviour we just heard the teachers tell her countinuously at the point of sounds like it was part of class " don't take off your shoes.... put your shoes back on .... told you hundred times you aren't allowed to take off shoes in class " and i remember some of my classmates laughing, making crazy faces or jokes about sniff bad smell in the air. One class i was sitting next to her, in the back of the room we had desks with double decks that arranged 2 seats, i remember the window on my left lighting the scene and the girl was on my right, that particular day she wore white knitted wool socks and we were following a reading session, meaning we just followed the teacher on the books without interventions, suddenly and without warning she put her right foot on my right knee, it was shoeless, she must have crossed her legs, right over the left and her foot appeared twisted laying on my leg, still and not particularly heavy, i couldn't follow the book anymore, i moved my shoulders on the back of the seat in order to look at her foot and i even moved my right hand on my leg not so far from her foot, i didn't know if to touch it or not, i don't remember if i did it or what i felt more specifically, in my memory i can clearly see the knitted surface of her socks with those tiny holes and inbetween you could get a glimpse of her bare skin under the white. Our little play must have attracted the teacher attention since then because i remember there was another time only, when the class was splitted in groups in order to perform some kind of project and she wore again the same kind of knitted socks, i willingly took both her legs grapsing her ankles and trying to lay her feet on my leg on purpose, she must have allowed me do it but she couldn't keep the position due to the lower part of the desk that interfered with her upper leg, the scene isn't so clear at this point, in know in the end the teacher spotted the scene and got furious, it was last time we could sit near each other in class and the teachers must have told something both our families since we weren't allowed to get to play with each other alone anymore after school unless there were some of the parents or other classmates, i guess it ended bad.

During those years my dad worked in Italy, this helped me a little to get in closer relationship with Barbara, i remember her mother making compliments or me listening in a special way when she told stories about her summer back in the country at her grandparents place but as i told you even if we had some extra school times together i never saw her play with her shoes anymore, anyway my dad worked for a company that build sewers for water barricades or more generally dams in various part of Italy, he was away for weeks and i remember he always brought back magazines, tickets, pictures and general stuff from the place he visited and i was a curious boy who liked to mess with my dad things, one time he got back a magazine, he explained it must have been a kind of week-planning newspaper about tv programs of where he stayed in Italy, so basically you bought it in the city and there was the whole schedule of local italian televisions with the name of the show, the day and time, duration, year of production for the movies and maybe a little description and plot of the movies, and also the cover, i don't remember exactly now, even thought i live in Italy by myself now you can imagine there isn't such a thing but we were back in ealry 90 then, anyway turning the pages and not understanding what was written on it, i looked at the pictures most of anything and there it was: thrilling beauty of the cover of a movie called Millionaire i think, with Carol Alt laying on an armchair together with another girl, sitting between them there was a male actor which i see now is Billi Zane, what got me it was the positions of these women, their legs in show and one keeping a position with a foot over the actor lap, i couldn't imagine or i could, thinking back at some of my experiences with the girl in school, where the hell she is sticking her foot ? Is is bare ? What is that man getting from it ? My imagination got a ride and you can imagine i stole the magazine, i must have kept it hidden somewhere for years and eventually lost it, but never lost the memory of that tiny piece of paper with such a scene on it.

These is shorts are my memories about where and when it all started, now i am sorry i canno't relate to the exact timeline of the single events, i remember more what i saw or what i thought i saw, of course imagination may have played a certain role on it also, but i am sure what i wrote is 85% correct.


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