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Date Night Footplay

Write here your dreams, your stories, your experiences of footsie or other situations where a foot had been used to seduce

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Date Night Footplay

Post by paradigm88 » Sun Feb 02, 2020 11:30 pm

My wife and I went out on a date last night for the first time in a while. We've both been busy with work, and any "going-out" nights have mostly been about eating dinner and rushing home for her to collapse into bed. So after a day of errands, both of us had planned on a proper date night.

We both like dressing up, at least relative to everyday life, so I had slacks and a sweater on. She opted for a cute top and cardigan, a black floor-length skirt, black tights and wine-red flats.

Now, my wife has a hard time wearing shoes on dates. Name the reasons, but ultimately there's a good chance she will have her shoes off by the time we order drinks, if she waits that long. So I suggested a restaurant that has a pub/lounge upstairs with bar seating and a number of cozy sofa-and-armchair nooks. My hope was to get a sofa so she could curl up with her shoes off, like she would at home.

Fortunately, we found one such nook. She took the armchair and I took the adjacent loveseat, and moved the little bench-table in the middle to be easier for us to reach (and also sort of block the outside view of her feet). While we looked over the menu, she kept her feet flat on the floor, with the red toes of her shoes peeking from under her long skirt.

It was kind of busy in there and we both felt sort of guilty commandeering five seats for two of us, but most of the "crowd" was either leaving or waiting for a dining room table, so after our drink order the crowd thinned and we felt a lot less guilty. And around then, she slipped her flats off, resting her feet on her empty shoes (the wood floor wasn't smooth enough for stockinged feet).

I think she felt more relaxed as the bar emptied out, and finally by dinnertime she had folded her left leg and foot into the armchair. She alternated between resting her right foot on her own shoe, or "polishing" my tasseled loafers. She didn't like the raised seam of my shoes - it was hard on her soles - but after a while she found she could scratch her foot on my shoe, and that felt good to her.

Oddly, during dinner she complained that her feet were sore, probably from wearing boots earlier in the day. So after I finished eating, I gave her a foot rub. We sat around for a little bit after dinner, as she didn't really want to put her shoes on and I didn't really want her to, either. I'd wanted to go somewhere for dessert later, so we could play footsie in a dark booth, but she was tired so we just went home.

I admit I kind of felt guilty because I know some people are really hesitant about restaurant shoelessness. But plenty of women take their shoes off at the dinner table. And it wasn't like she was walking around in dirty bare feet. But knowing my wife was sitting there shoeless in public, rubbing her tired toes...was intensely alluring.

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