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Revenge of an Ex Wife

Write here your dreams, your stories, your experiences of footsie or other situations where a foot had been used to seduce

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Revenge of an Ex Wife

Post by boxnclox » Tue Apr 28, 2020 4:25 am

A light “clip-clop” under the table, sunk my heart and raised my manhood, as your black stocking foot raised up between my ankles, and going up both of my legs.

You played footsie against both of my pant legs, giving long, loving strokes with your black stocking sole, as you made your way to the edge of my chair. Once there, your heel rested on top of the padded chair.

I moved as far forward as I could. While looking down in my lap, your foot casted a shadow against the material of my crotch, causing me to swallow hard and quickly breathe.

As the waiter arrived to tell us the specials, your toes began to scratch against my inner thigh. I shot a desperate look at you, as you smirked at the waiter. My buldge grew to it’s max, forcing me to squirm in my chair, until he became comfortable, bent backwards, presenting his shaft against my zipper.

When the waiter finished with the specials, you softly pressed your foot against my manhood, as you made a loud “mmmm” sound, as my thighs jolted and cleared my throat.

Your foot never felt so soft, as your stocking was thin and dark. The sound and feel of it, digging and grabbing my buldge with your toes was what dreams are made of.

As the jazz band played far away. Your foot tapped my cock to the beat of the music. My hand was shaking, as I trying to record your footsie seduction. My eyebrows raised slowly, as sweat beads appeared on my forehead. Your toes starting clawing at the area where his head starts and my shaft ends, I let out a moan and gripped the edge of the table.

Your toes curled and clawed faster, as I looked down to see pre cum stain the tip of my crotch. Your eyes lit up and widened, feeling my pre cum on the tips of your toes. Rick, cum for me you said. I slid down a little bit in my chair, to get your full experience. Your sole dragged up and down my shaft, starting from my balls, with your toes clawing all the way up.

As you witnessed my face change colors, you knew I was ready. Rick.. cum for me.. I love you. As you spoke, I forcefully held your foot in place, as I came hard, hot, and heavy onto your foot.

Your toes clawed and moved around, dipping into my hot cum. You slipped your hand under the table, to feel that you were hot and damp between your legs, after feeling my hot cum once again.

As the bill arrived, your sole softly rubbed my cock, eliminating the remaining cum from me.

Before I signed the check, I cleaned your foot, and your foot disappeared into the dark, rubbing my leg on the way down, and went inside my pant leg, pulling my leg towards you, while we waited for the waiter to take the check.

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Re: Revenge of an Ex Wife

Post by Footsiefan » Wed Apr 29, 2020 8:14 pm

Wow... I like the mix between pleasure and power... the man is powerless against when his manhood is assaulted.
I would love to read more!!

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